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John Jackson – Fusion Leadership

" I can't recommend these guys highly enough! "

Richard Porter – Buddy Worldwide Ltd.

" Synapse and all its engineers are the perfect solution. Thank you guys! "

Tom Trapani – Liberty GB & Ireland

" It is reassuring to know that we can rely on Synapse. "

Carole Segger – London Knee Clinic

" We have complete confidence that Synapse will keep our show on the road!! "

Maresa Ness – Mosaic Clubhouse

" Everyone in our office is an advocate of the 'Synapse way'. "

Pen Stally – Nick Grace Management Ltd.

" A testament to the way Synapse work - we now take well run IT for granted! "

Bob Eady – Stage Entertainment

" Synapse have been a critical strategic partner for developing our business. "

François Laporte – Wasid Ltd.

" Synapse staff are always prompt, obliging and well informed. "

John Bazalgette

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James Sumerfield – Harley Street Osteopaths

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Joe Michel – Community Associates

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Derek Stone – DSM

" Success is in hardly ever needing to call them but when you do - they're there for you. "

James Sumerfield – Harley Street Osteopaths

" It's always a pleasure to recommend Synapse because I know they'll exceed all expectations. "

Joe Michel – Community Associates

" Using Synapse was one of the first and best decisions I made when starting my small business. "

Fiona Campbell – Fidelitas Executive Coaching Ltd.

" The on-going support package we have is simply superb! "

Simon Parker – Albion International Study

Support Services

With no unnecessary barriers or lengthy contracts to sign, our skilled team of engineers are on hand to assist you with the help you need.  We’re only a phone call or an email away.

Systems Monitoring & Maintenance

By performing behind the scenes monitoring and maintenance around the clock 24 x 7, we drastically reduce the amount of downtime our clients experience.

Cloud Solutions

Having access to your information from anywhere is what the Cloud is all about.  We’ve been making this a breeze since even before the term ‘Cloud’ became popular.

Email Services & Solutions

We’ve been offering secure, reliable email solutions to thousands of users since 1998.  Being able to communicate from virtually anywhere on practically any device is not a problem.

Backup Services

We’ve been providing secure, safe, and reliable backups of our clients’ data for almost 20 years.  We ensure that everything ‘just happens in the background’ – allowing everyone peace of mind.

Web Hosting & Design Services

With servers located in a state of the art Tier 3+, 2N datacentre just outside London, we have been providing high quality web hosting and design services since 1999.

Disaster Recovery Services

Automatic ‘snapshots’ of your critical servers can be a lifesaver when the unexpected happens.  We have years of experience of getting things back up and running with minimal fuss and disruption.

Telephony Solutions

Our hosted VOIP solutions allow you to make full use of your numbers from practically anywhere – even from satellite offices in other countries.  Cost savings can be enormous.

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